FiiO JH3 (Jade Audio JH3)

The FiiO JH3 in-ear monitors offer sublime sound quality and premium wearing comfort at a price that was unthinkable for hybrid in-ear headphones not too long ago. These hybrid in-ear monitors feature a dynamic driver with a 13.6mm diaphragm for the low frequencies and two custom BA drivers for the midrange and high frequencies. This fully closed in-ear design features FiiO’s balanced pressure relief system for ultimate listening comfort and allows you to enjoy your favorite playlists in superior sound quality wherever you like to listen.

FiiO ships these headphones with a high-quality detachable monocrystalline copper headphone cable with four braided conductors. Thanks to the 0.78mm 2-pin system, the standard cabling can be replaced with a better-quality cable or with a set of FiiO True Wireless modules. These headphones come with tips of different materials and in various sizes for optimal fit and sound balance. A convenient water-resistant carrying box allows you to store the headphones with all its accessories securely after use.