FiiO HB11

The HB11's fitting case can easily carry your small gadgets, such as earbuds, USB dongle and USB flash drive, keeping your desktop neatly tidy.

Free up more desktop space.

Too many storage devices on an overcrowded desktop also take up a lot of space. The HB11 solves this problem perfectly. It can be stacked stably one by one while saving more space. You can also place Lego toys on it, making your desktop more interesting and impressive.

Easy storage

Have you ever suffered from your desktop being a mess, even though you cleaned it up not long ago? The HB11 can help you out of this. Because the HB11 is made of highly transparent and clear PC materials, the inside is highly visible. In addition, there is a special design on the handle of the case where you can insert an included paper label, so you can better see what is inside. Thanks to the easy-to-use handle, it is very convenient to put in or take out your belongings.

High quality guarantee

FiiO put a lot of energy into the HB11 to provide a better storage experience.

From the beginning of the project, FiiO consulted closely with many audiophiles and then designed the case themselves based on their needs. Finally, FiiO managed to produce the HB11 through their own mold.

The carefully chosen quality PC ensures a thickness of 2 mm for each side, better than many others produced through public molds. With such high strength, the HB11 resists crushing by heavy objects, thus better protecting your headphones.