FiiO FF5

For many senior audiophiles, open earbuds were their first crush, which brought some beautiful memories for them. From the EM3 born in 2016, EM3K/S in 2018, EM5 in 2020, and FF3 in 2022, FiiO has 6 years of 4 generations of accumulation in open earbuds.

FiiO always puts users in the first place. Especially for open earbuds, one of the must-have headphones, our acoustic R&D team never ceases exploration and innovation. Nowadays, the 5th-gen FF5 is coming in a totally new look, with our sincerity, cutting-edge technologies, lighter and faster carbon-based diaphragm, etc. Trust us, you will be surprised. Now let's see what the FF5 will change this time.

Diffuse open design

Inspired by flower petals, the FF5 features a design that is both beautiful and functional. The FiiO development team aimed to reduce unwanted reflections and vibrations within the shell of the FF5, leading to the development of a diffuse open design featuring an acoustic damping device that allows some of the air pressure within the earphone to diffuse to the outside – resulting in less unwanted internal reflections and standing waves, resulting in purer sound and improved bass response.

Newly developed dynamic driver with carbon-based diaphragm

The FF5 is an earbud that eschews the traditions of its form factor, and features a specially-developed large 14.2mm dynamic driver that employs an innovative carbon-based diaphragm. Specifically, the driver features a PU gasket plus a carbon-based diaphragm that allows the driver to be both lightweight yet highly rigid. This results in a sound with quick transients and excellent treble resolution thanks to the driver construction minimizing non-linear distortion by mitigating unwanted driver movement.

The FF5's large 14.2mm dynamic driver allows it to produce bass unmatched by a smaller driver in both quantity and quality, with a sound that feels just right. Compared to the FF3 with its emphasis on low and mid frequencies, the FF5 features a faster sound with better separation. Thanks to the carbon-based diaphragm, mid and treble resolution is also greatly improved for more detailed and nuanced vocals. This is especially noticeable in female vocals – when listening to music with a heavy vocal emphasis, you will be able to hear every last detail of refreshingly lush vocals.

Standard 4-stranded 392 wires total silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable

The FF5 comes standard with a silver-plated monocrystalline cable. 14 wires are braided into a small strand, and 7 small strands are braided together into a large strand – resulting in 4 large strands with a total of 392 wires. More wires significantly increase the cross-sectional area of the wires in the cable, for enhanced transmission rate and stability. The Litz braiding reduces the skin effect, which also further helps transmission rate by enhancing conductivity. Thanks to the factors mentioned above plus the excellent materials, compared to typical cables, the FF5 cable features significantly improved treble resolution that allows for a highly detailed yet nuanced sound.

The processing of the cable core went through countless steps. After secondary smelting, a single crystal is formed – special processes to treat impurities are then carried out to improve wire purity to minimize signal transmission loss in the wire. In addition, silver-plated monocrystalline copper material can help to accelerate the transmission speed while ensuring signal integrity.