The all-new FF3S comes with a build quality upgrade! The FF3S features an aluminum alloy construction with a matte finish, making for a subtle yet obviously more luxurious appearance than found on its predecessor. Another benefit of the aluminum alloy construction is the lighter weight. Each earbud of the FF3S is only 3.9g, making each earbud 52% lighter than the FF3. This will give a whole another level of comfort for longer listening sessions, especially those with ears that are very sensitive to weight.

FIIO listened to user feedback and equipped the FF3S with a 0.78mm 2-pin detachable cable, allowing users endless upgrade possibilities in enhancing their listening experience. Also, an easy-to-feel point was added to the left earbud in order to more easily distinguish between the left and right earbuds for a truly ergonomic design.

Thanks to the open nature of the earbuds, the FF3S is safer and suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking or biking. Thus, standard with the FF3S are silicone wing hooks to help the earbuds stay in your ears. No matter where you go, let high fidelity music accompany you.

Thanks to its large 14.2mm dynamic driver, the FF3S can release more energy when playing back music to allow for a more clean and natural sound. Experience the vigorous sound of beating drums, as well as energetic dynamics in your music with the FF3S.

Good sound not only comes from the size of the driver, but also from the materials it is made of. After many tests by the FIIO R&D team, a beryllium-plated dome + PU gasket dynamic driver was chosen for the FF3S. The beryllium-plated diaphragm is both highly rigid yet lightweight, reducing unwanted vibration and thus unwanted distortion. PU is used for the dynamic driver’s gasket, and its characteristics allow more detailed and textured bass. Not only does the bass come through wonderfully, mid-frequency human voices are lush and the treble also has been greatly improved – with an effective frequency range up to 17kHz. A greater effective frequency range also has the benefit of giving the impression of a larger soundstage.