FiiO FH3

The FiiO FH3 are hybrid 3-way Hi-Res in-ear monitors that allow you to enjoy music to the fullest. This FH3 belongs to a new generation of FiiO hybrid headphones and has been completely redesigned. With this FiiO FH3 you will experience an even more intense music experience than with the included earphones with your iPhone or Android phone.

FiiO applies its new 10mm beryllium-plated drivers in this FH3. This material is up to 4x tougher than steel and this gives the driver a powerful and undistorted bass reproduction. For the mid and treble frequencies, the manufacturer uses premium-grade Balanced Armature drivers by Knowles. These BA drivers deliver an unbelievable open sound with a perfectly defined voice reproduction and a wide soundstage. The result is a silky smooth and beautifully detailed sound quality with an overwhelming bass response as from 10Hz.


Unique to this FiiO FH3 is the application of balanced pressure relief technology and the S.TURBO design. The turbine-shaped sound tube for the low-frequencies and the two special constructed sound tubes for the upper frequency range delivered by the BA drivers ensure a correct phase behavior. As a result, the FH3 delivers a neutral sound with a powerful but most relaxed bass response.


The casing of the FH3 is constructed of aluminum-magnesium alloy that is also applied in aviation and offers extra strength, durability and a superior sound quality. The FiiO FH3 comes with a single-ended headphone cable with silver plated wire pairs and a transparent cover. This gives the headphones an exclusive look and feel. FiiO has fitted the headphones with MMCX connectors, enabling the supplied cable to be exchanged for an optional (balanced) cable in just a few seconds.


For optimal comfort and bass reproduction, the FiiO FH3 comes with a collection of different tips. These are made of different materials where one type delivers more bass, the other offers a more powerful trebble and the third delivers the most neutral sound. Each kind of tip is provided in three different sizes for the best possible fit. Finally, FiiO comes with two sets of medium sized foam tips including a convenient travel bag for safe storage.