FiiO HS19

The HS19 ear tip pack contains five different types of ear tips, with most types being available in three sizes, for a total of 12 pairs of ear tips. These ear tips allow you to get the right fit for your ears and your sound preferences, truly bringing music to your ears.

  • Balanced Ear Tips (S/M/L - 3 Pairs)
  • Vocal Ear Tips (S/M/L - 3 Pairs)
  • Bass Ear Tips (S/M/L - 3 Pairs)
  • Memory Foam Ear Tips (M - 2 Pairs)
  • Bi Flange Ear Tips (M - 1 Pair)

Quality in the palm of your hand

The HS19 storage case is made of black, frosted PP plastic that not only feels great to hold thanks to its fine texture, but is also highly functional - the transparent finish allows you to quickly look over all the ear tips within to help you to decide which pair to change to for the next track. With dimensions of merely 93x79x16mm and a weight of only 34g, the HS19 storage case easily flits quality ear tips into the palm of your hand.

Attention to detail

Though there is limited space within the HS19 case, every last detail was carefully considered to have the ear tips neatly arranged and clearly labeled to make it as easy as possible for the user. To make sure the ear tips within the H519 case are truly secure, the diameter of each ear tip securing post is fine-tuned according to the inner diameter of the ear tips, making them as secure and immovable as a mountain.