FiiO FH11

FiiO's “Little Conch” IEM series provides users with a pleasant option for music listening with pure sound quality and excellent acoustic qualities. Here comes a new member, i.e. the FH11, 1 balanced armature 1 dynamic driver IEMs. It really gets you immersed in the bass performance with enhanced resolution.

Well-designed hybrid IEMs combine the different drivers harmoniously and allow the advantages of each driver type to fully shine through. To achieve this, the rear of each FH11 unit is divided into three chambers, with a damping control system that ensures air pressure changes between the three chambers do not interfere with each other. This results in reduced distortion of each driver, and allows each driver to work more freely – resulting in better bass extension and responsiveness.

Even though the FH11 is an entry-level IEM model, FiiO specially customized a balanced armature driver to ensure smooth cohesion between the dynamic driver and balanced armature. The FH11 thus features excellent resolution and extension. High frequencies are handled by the custom balanced armature driver that allows one to clearly experience the brilliance of instruments like the flute and cymbals.