Available for pre-order, delivery expected: April/May 2024

FIIO KA11 (Jade Audio KA11)

After nearly 2 years since the release of the KA1, FIIO now introduce its upgraded successor — KA11. With a more compact body and enhanced power output, the KA11 delivers better sound quality.

Compared to its predecessor, the KA11 further reduces its body size, making it incredibly mini, lightweight, and almost imperceptible, providing a “0” burden for on-the-go use.

With exquisite design and materials, the KA11, despite its miniaturized form, boasts more powerful output, laying the foundation for outstanding audio quality with robust power output.

The high-quality parts are all carefully laid out on an immersion gold finish circuit board, allowing the KA11 to have great measurements. As a result, the KA11 is Hi-Res Audio certified – a testament to its excellent sound.

The KA11 features an aluminum-magnesium alloy texture in dual colors, high-purity oxygen-free palladium-plated copper wires, supporting app control and UAC1.0 mode, and is compatible with various systems.