FiiO K11

Desktop DAC & Headphone Amplifier

Meet the FIIO K11, a new entry-level desktop DAC and headphone amplifier. With a full range of audio outputs, robust output power, and convenient functions, the K11 offers a more cost-effective and comprehensive performance than any other product in its class. What’s more, the slim body with minimalist design will intergrate perfectly in your desktop HiFi setup.

A more comprehensive entry-level DAC/Amp

On the K11 are USB, optical and coaxial inputs as well as 4.4mm, 6.35mm, RCA line-out, and coaxial outputs. Having more inputs and outputs than other typical entry-level amps means the K11 is more than capable of meeting your needs of putting together a capable audio setup; under a 32Ω load, the max undistorted output power under balanced output goes up to 1400mW, allowing it to easily drive many kinds of earphones and headphones.

Moreover, within the K11 lies a specially-designed audio circuit designed for great sound quality. This is backed by more than 16 low-noise LDOs for precise voltage stabilization and powered by an external 12V switching power supply.

Reassuring user experience seen in design details

As a comprehensive entry-level desktop amplifier, the K11 delivers on all fronts at the level of the listening experience and user experience.

The K11 has 3 separate gain levels, each gain level having its own volume curve. This allows the K11 to give you a better listening experience with various types of headphones, whether you are using sensitive earphones or harder to drive over-ear headphones.

In addition, its use in USB DAC mode does not require a driver on Windows 10 and above systems, and can also be used with video game consoles such as the PS5 and the Switch. Simply plug and play for worry-free usage whether you are enjoying music or being immersed in games.

A minimalist aesthetic design

With a complete set of audio outputs and professional audio architecture, the K11 still maintains a slim build. Its aluminum alloy body features a durable Hi-Res VA display for a quick and clear grasp of the current working state. The multi-function volume knob not only helps to fast control different functions, but also to appropriately connect to different headphones or audio setups.

Under the concept of the minimalist design, the K11 is also considered to provide another visual effect on your desktop. For one thing, it is available in two colors at the same time, Obsidian Black and Midnight Silver, to help create a personal style of desktop. For another, it combines the RGB ambient light into the FIIO LOGO, which allows a quick glance at different sampling rates, as well as making the color, light pattern, and brightness all adjustable.