FiiO SP3

High Fidelity Active Desktop Speakers

The FiiO SP3 are high-quality active desktop speakers that deliver superior sound quality. With an impressive list of features, these speakers contribute to outstanding audio reproduction.

The powerful 3.5-inch carbon fibre midwoofer plays an essential role in producing powerful bass and exploiting the SP3's maximum potential. The development team has therefore created an asymmetric internal and external magnetic circuit system. This involves adding an auxiliary magnet to the centre of the SP3's internal components, resulting in an inner and outer magnetic circuit. This amplifies the created magnetic field with a magnetic flux of up to 1.2 Tesla, giving a powerful driving force to the driver and resulting in dynamic sound. Moreover, the asymmetric internal and external magnetic circuit systems help to reduce non-linear distortion across all frequencies, so that good sound quality is always present, regardless of the music genre.

The 1-inch silk tweeter, powered by a 30W*2+10W*2 Texas Instruments power amplifier, plays a crucial role in reproducing fine musical detail, instrumental overtones and overall treble resolution. Unlike many other active desktop speakers that use a 0.5-inch tweeter, the SP3 uses a 1-inch tweeter that can produce frequencies as high as 35kHz. This allows ultra-high frequencies to remain undistorted even at high volumes, resulting in better treble reproduction even when listening from a different angle.

The developers of the SP3 have carefully chosen the materials of the tweeter and opted for a soft dome structure, which acts as a sound wave absorbing material. This effectively absorbs unwanted sound waves, reducing resonance and achieving a low resonant frequency. This contributes to a silky smooth and well extended treble.

The exclusive use of high-quality components and clever design features such as the directional acoustic waveguides and the double-diffused S-shaped port tube ensure excellent sound quality. The directional acoustic waveguides ensure that sound waves optimally reach the listener, even at an off-axis listening position between 0 and 15 degrees. This makes speaker positioning much more flexible and convenient.

The double-diffused S-shaped port tube, specially developed by FiiO engineers, ensures smooth airflow and minimises turbulence, producing clean and robust bass. These speakers also have significant base extension, with frequencies that can go as low as 65Hz, which is unprecedented for speakers of this size.

The use of a 3.5-inch carbon fibre midwoofer offers further advantages. Carbon fibre is strong, stiff and lightweight, resulting in fast response and minimal distortion when reproducing sound. This combination of features allows the SP3 to project a large sound field, even at louder volumes, and fully immerse you in your music or movies.

All in all, the FiiO SP3 is an impressive set of active desktop speakers designed specifically for audiophiles who demand high sound quality. With their advanced technologies and smart design, these speakers will definitely let you enjoy an exclusive desktop hi-fi experience at your home.