Flagship Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier

FIIO has introduced the K19, a highly advanced DAC/headphone amplifier with impressive features. The device is equipped with two ES9039SPRO DAC chips for balanced signal processing, supporting high-resolution PCM 32bit 768kHz and DSD512 streams. It also includes two THX AAA-788+ modules for powerful amplification, delivering up to 8000mW per channel at 32 ohms.

Connectivity options are extensive, with USB-C, Toslink optical, SPDIF coaxial, HDMI, and HDMI e-ARC ports along with multiple digital and analog outputs. The K19's design allows for vertical or horizontal positioning and incorporates a control interface on a small screen.

Additionally, the K19 features Bluetooth support for various codecs, an ADI SHARC+ ADSP-21565 DSP for precise parametric equalization, and a switch for selecting power supply mode. With its range of features and capabilities, the FIIO K19 is a versatile and high-performance option for audiophiles.