FiiO R9

Flagship All-in-One Digital Media Streamer

As a desktop flagship digital decoder and headphone amplifier, FIIO R9 has thoroughly upgraded inside and out to not only take your desktop HiFi experience to the next level, but also become the center of your home audio system.

Flagship Style

The R9 also adopts a classic metal bicolor design as in luxury cars. Its mirror-polished metal section is treated with 11 times of polishing and electroplating processes, carefully creating a flagship extraordinary textured body. The high-density metal body is more robust and stable, helping to effectively reduce deformation and minimize degradation in sound performance caused by vibrations, thus ensuring stable delivery of high-quality music. Additionally, the newly designed dynamic light bar combines with the dynamic RGB lights on knobs makes for a more attractive desktop setup.

The R9 features a tall 6-inch 2160*1080 vertical (portrait) screen, which is easier to read and operate and with better screen color, brightness and other comprehensive quality. Combined with the open Android OS offers a silky-smooth experience on the R9. In addition, the open Android OS not only allows the user to freely install and use third-party streaming music and other apps, it is also thoroughly refined so that the user does not have to worry about app compatibility problems.

Flagship Configurations

The R9 adopts 2 ES9038PRO DAC chips, which went through accumulation and refinement in the R&D process of the M17 and other three high-end models, resulting in comprehensively improved audio indicators. Distortion in all frequencies, left and right channel balance, SNR and other parameters are the most excellent among all FIIO’s current products, and the sound performance is also the most clear, refined and complete.

Inside the R9 is the world’s first 8-channel THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifier design. These headphone amps, fed by a high-voltage power supply, are connected in parallel via 2×2 groups for a four-way fully balanced design, greatly enhancing transient performance. The comb-shaped heat sinks and optimized circuit layout dissipate heat efficiently, ensuring the R9 is capable of continuous and stable high-power output. The result is that the R9 is capable of outputting 7300mW per channel at 32Ω, 102% higher than that of R7.

Moreover, the R9 adopts the high performance and low latency XMOS 16-core XU316, and supports 768kHz/32bit and DSD512. The Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip featured supports LDAC/aptX Adaptive/aptX LL/aptX HD/aptX/AAC/SBC for Bluetooth reception. The overall digital signal processing is fully hi-res.

Flagship Experience

The R9 adopts an independent HDMI chipset that supports HDMI IN, HDMI output and HDMI ARC. The picture output supports up to 4K 60Hz for high-resolution audio and high-definition visual experience.

The introduction of HDMI extends the use of the R9 from the desktop to the living room, and FIIO has thoughtfully equipped it with a variety of control modes, such as remote control via the standard Bluetooth remote RM3, same-screen operation of the cell phone or global control through the app, in-line control through the KB1 series of keypads, and FIIO LINK control via Bluetooth/WiFi. No matter whether for far distance control in the living room, or close distance from the desktop, the R9 can easily handle.

There are more impressive features included in the R9 waiting for you to explore, such as the fully-connected HiFi audio architecture, finely-divided analog portion, industry-leading audio components, and all kinds of connectors.