Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD 650 is the classic open-back over-ear headphone in the HD6xx series. This most transparent and analytical sounding HD 650 is your reference in highend head-fi experience. These headphones will provide you with a most relaxing listening experience and allows you to endlessly enjoy music while retaining the subtlest details and musical nuances.

Sennheiser driver technology

The secret of this HD 650 is the aopplication of Sennheiser's highly acclaimed full-range dynamic 42mm driver that features a large 38mm diaphragm. These carefully low-tolerance manufactured drivers, deliver a frequency range from just 12Hz up to a stunning 41kHz. The impedance is 300 Ohms which makes these headphones perfect for use by professionals that are assured of a reliable head-fi reference. If you want to enjoy music at home in the best possible sound quality, these headphones will perform on studio levels with a powerful headphone amplifier.

Optimum comfort

To complete the overall listening experience, Sennheiser applied high-quality materials to manufacture the headband and used breathable velour ear cushions to guarantee dry ears during longer listening sessions. The support structure is not only beautiful to look at, it's made with lightweight materials so you can listen to your favorite music endlessly where you'll completely forget you're wearing headphones at all.