Dekoni Audio Headphone Savior V2

Dekoni’s Headphone Savior has undergone a facelift! For those wanting to get the absolute maximum out of their softshell cases, the Version 2 is the perfect fit for you. Sporting an increased height for more room for attached cables or larger headphones, you’ll never need to worry about a tight squeeze again.

Dekoni Audio’s Headphone Savior is built with the travelling audiophile in mind. Designed specifically to accommodate headphones, cables, DACs and anything else needed on the go, you’ll find quality protection that leaves you worry free.

With thick padding on all sides and a variety of possible configurations inside, you can trust the Savior to keep your investment safe; based on traditional camera bags, there’s no reason not to use the same philosophy that protects thousands in camera equipment for audio equipment as well!

The Version 2 of the Headphone Savior introduces a raft of changes for those that weren’t able to find the original design to be a perfect fit. The defining feature of the Version 2 is the increased height, expanding the original’s by 3cm.

Still not enough height? The Version 2 comes with the same two internal dividers, with one lining the bottom of the case; removing this frees up even more depth, maximizing the available space for any attached cables.

Included in the Savior are a variety of pockets and dividers, giving you the customization options needed to protect any style of headphone. At the bottom of the case is a smaller divider that can be removed to give some of the largest headphones available a little more breathing room, or make space for those with permanently attached cables.

The included shoulder strap makes for easy hands free travel, along with the climbing loop on the back for carabiners to quickly strap it to other bags.

Interested in learning more about all the ways to configure your Savior? Check out the deep dive below!

If you find the Savior V2 doesn’t quite meet your needs, we’ve got alternatives ready for you! Looking for a more compact softshell case to keep traveling easy and comfortable? The original Headphone Savior is the perfect fit with a shorter design to take up as little space as possible.

If you feel softshell cases aren’t sufficient to protect your audio investment, the Headphone Hero can give you peace of mind for even the roughest travels! Designed in partnership with SKB, the Hero comes with a removable foam headphone stand that lets you keep your favorite cans on display, making it the perfect case for trade shows.