Dekoni Audio x HiFiMAN Cobalt

Dekoni’s latest project has brought forth the Cobalt – a high end dynamic driver closed-back made in partnership with Hifiman. Made with their latest driver technology and masterfully tuned by Dekoni's own engineer, the Cobalt is the culmination of everything that makes listening great.

The Cobalt driver makes use of a carbon-coated diaphragm, engineering in such a way that the carbon coating can be placed anywhere on the driver. This allows for an incredible level of fine-tuning of the driver, and gave us the perfect starting point to build the rest of the headphone around.

During testing, Dekoni experimented with placing different materials behind the driver in the earcup – the results showed the headphone responding strongly to any changes, and trended towards a decrease in soundstage in exchange for a deeper bass response.

Dekoni also made use of the thick padded headband offered to them by Hifiman – ensuring an even amount of pressure across your head.

Last to be created was Dekoni's specialty – the earpads. Dekoni experimented with multiple styles using their Elite Series materials and high density memory foam, and had each style tested by their team. In the end they decided on the Fenestrated Sheepskin pads – the combination of comfort, breathability and resulting sound was the winner for the team.

Of course, they didn’t stop there – Dekoni's engineer also created a unique set of Elite Velour pads, offering further enhanced comfort and an alternate tuning more to his preference.