Dekoni Audio Balanced 4.4mm Pentacon Cable for Sennheiser HD600 Series Headphones

Keep electrical noise to a minimum with Dekoni Audio’s new Cablez for Sennheiser's HD600 series of headphones! Sporting a 4.4mm Pentacon connector and 1.2M length, you’ll be able to find comfort in style.

The cable is a sleek, braided design for a clean look without the twists and coils caused by poor cable memory, and is the perfect length for use at your desk or on the go.

Using high quality 5N silver-plated copper and a gold-plated 4.4mm Pentacon connector, you can be confident in the corrosion resistance and durability.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of balanced audio or are looking to complete your balanced setup, Dekoni’s balanced cable is the perfect choice to ensure you’re getting the most out of your equipment.

And of course if you’re looking for something more to tweak your sound in a way that best suits your listening preferences, Dekoni Audio’s series of earpads for the HD600 series are available for your modding pleasure!

Note sure what balanced means for you? Check out the video covering the perks of balanced systems below!