Kinera BD005 Pro

The BD005 Pro are high-quality hybrid in-ear headphones by Kinera. These in-ear monitors are, as you have come to expect from Kinera, crafted with love. Despite the name not adding a whole lot of cachet, the optics of these earbuds do. Built with 3D printing technology, these earbuds are mirror-smooth finished to perfectly highlight the color and gold leaf.

Beryllium hybrid configuration

Kinera BD005 Pro features a featherweight dynamic Beryllium driver with a 9.2mm diaphragm for the low-end and a custom 30095 series BA-driver for the midrange and highs. The frequency span ranges from 20Hz up to 20kHz, the impedance is 26 Ohms and the sensitivity is 108dB. To drive these headphones your mobiele device will do just fine.

Excellent sound quality

These beautiful looking and comfortable wearing in-ear monitors deliver a vibrant and lively sound. The bass offers a strong punch, the midrange delivers excellent performance in the vocal range and the top-end has a wonderfully smooth sound without any harshness at all. These IEMs deliver significantly better performance than the modest purchase price would suggest.

These IEMs come with a detachable 4-core silver-plated headphone cable fitted with a 3.5mm mini-jack headphone connector. Three pairs of silicone tips in S, M and L are also included for a perfect fit and premium sound quality.