Fibaro Roller Shutter 4

Please note that the Roller Shutter 4 is not compatible with Homey at this time. When we receive information that it is, this alert will be removed.

The FIBARO Roller Shutter 4 is designed for the control and accurate positioning of AC voltage-controlled motors, including shutters blinds, awnings, screens and gates. The Roller Shutter 4 is equipped with a Z-Wave 800 chip. This makes the module much more economical in standby and has a higher transmission range which makes for a more stable mesh network.

The module supports motors without a built-in driver but with mechanical and electronic final adjustment. This is therefore the difference from the Roller Shutter 3.

FIBARO has developed an updated add procedure for integration with the Home Center 3 so you can immediately select the right settings.


  • Z-Wave 800
  • Can be used with AC motors with electronic or mechanical end adjustment
  • Measures the active energy consumption
  • Works with different types of switches, including pulse switches and toggle switches
  • Supports motors with opening, closing and tilting
  • Cannot be used with motors with a built-in driver
  • Not yet compatible with Homey