Fibaro Home Center 3

Fibaro’s Home Center 3 is one of the most advanced smart home management units available today. This Fibaro smart home unit is specially designed for the implementation of a rock-stable and multifunctional smart home environment in residential buildings but is also very suitable for use in business premises. Compared to the Home Center 2 predecessor, this Fibaro Home Center 3 offers even more useful performance.


The Home Center 3 supports the Z-Wave wireless system and with a coverage of 150 meters it gained 50% compared to its predecessor. This stable wireless network environment remains up even when the Internet and Wi-Fi are incidentally down. The internal memory has been doubled to 2GB, the processor power has been increased from 2x 1.8GHz to 4x 1.2GHz and the storage capacity has quadrupled to 8GB. Performance-wise the Home Center 3 is much more powerful in all areas. You will especially notice this by a stable 24-7 operation and an even smoother response to user commands.

Smart operation

With this Home Center 3 you are able to control your smart home environment with simple and intuitive words or gestures. Easily control music, lighting, curtains, HVAC, security, garden sprinklers and much, much more. With this Fibaro Home Center 3 you smartly bring your home environment to life. System configuration can entirely be done through the Fibaro smartphone app. This app also allows you to operate the system from any location worldwide. Moreover, if you have a car that supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you can even control your smart home environment from your driver seat.

Highly compatible

The Home Center 3 supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. HEOS, Sonos and Russound multiroom systems are also supported. The system works with various standards and smart home products such as Samsung, D-Link, Logitech and Philips. CoolAutomation HVAC solutions and both DSC and Satel security solutions easily integrate into Fibaro’s smart home infrastructure. With this Fibaro Home Center 3 everything works seamlessly together so you can simply enjoy the high level of comfort that smart technology offers you.