EAC Carina CC241.4

The ELAC Carina CC241.4 is a ventilated 2-way center loudspeaker. This beautifully styled center speaker is based on ELAC's highly acclaimed 240 series and its design combines seamlessly with the FS247.4 floor-standing and the BS243.4 monitor/surround speakers from the ELAC Carina series.

This center speaker is equipped with two Compound Curvature Aluminum midbass woofers. These provide a nicely balanced vocal weight. The Carina CC241.4 is supplied equipped with the much-appraised JET Folded Air-Motion-Transformer, also called as JET tweeter. This type of tweeter has a unique build and due to the fast signature and the seamless cooperation with the woofers this center speaker delivers a realistic voice and speech.

The CC241.4 is mainly aimed at movie enthusiasts who prefer an aesthetically pleasing center speaker with high sound quality in a surround setup. By using this new tweeter in this center speaker, you will experience a perfectly defined speech exactly from the center of the soundstage. With this high-quality center speaker you will experience movies and your favorite Netflix series more intense than ever.