EAC Carina BS243.4 (per pair)

The ELAC Carina BS243.4 is a compact 2-way bass-reflex bookshelf loudspeaker. This beautifully styled monitor loudspeaker is based on ELAC's highly acclaimed 240 series and offers a wonderfully lively music reproduction.

The Carina BS243.4 features the much-praised JET Folded Air-Motion Transformer, also known as JET tweeter. This tweeter design features a unique build and is especially beneficial for instruments where its incredible speed contributes to a most realistic music experience such as strings and percussion. These BS243.4 monitors are equipped with Compound Curvature Aluminum woofers. The cone of these woofers is made of a stiff and super light aluminum alloy. Because of the used materials and cone shape, the sound characteristics of these woofers match seamlessly with the JET tweeters.

This BS243.4 is mainly aimed at music enthusiasts who prefer a compact, aesthetically pleasing monitor loudspeaker with a perfect sound quality. It is also a perfect choice for movie enthusiasts for use as front or surround speakers in a multi-channel setup. Simply place these speakers on a cabinet or with the optionally available LS-80 speaker stands at the ideal listening height and enjoy a wonderful musical experience.