EAC Carina FS247.4 (per pair)

The ELAC Carina FS247.4 is a floor standing 2-way bass reflex loudspeaker. This beautifully styled Hi-Fi speaker is based on ELAC's highly acclaimed 240 series and offers a wonderfully dynamic music reproduction. The Carina FS247.4 features the much-praised JET Folded Air-Motion Transformer, also known as the JET tweeter. This tweeter design features a unique build and is especially beneficial for instruments where its incredible speed contributes to a most realistic music experience such as strings and percussion.

The FS247.4 floor standers are equipped with a dual Compound Curvature Aluminum woofer enabling this speaker to deliver a wide frequency response from 34Hz to 30kHz. The cone of these woofers is made of a stiff and super light aluminum alloy. Because of the material features and cone shape, the sound characteristics of these woofers match seamlessly with the JET tweeters. For an optimal decoupling of the speakers and the floor surface, these speakers are supplied with spikes.

The FS247.4 is primarily aimed at music enthusiasts that prefer an aesthetically pleasing high sound quality floor standing speaker. It is also a perfect choice for movie enthusiasts to either use them as front or surround speakers in a multi-channel setup. Due to the powerful and deep bass reproduction, the addition of an active subwoofer is not essential for an optimal movie experience.