Sivga Oriole

Meet the all-new Sivga Oriole, a classic closed-back headphone with hand-crafted rosewood housings. It’s tuned for a natural, balanced sound and houses in-house developed 50mm large dynamic drivers. The Sivga Oriole brings an exquisite finish with brilliant sound in a single package!

Powerful Performance With In-House Developed Dynamic Drivers

Sivga Oriole features a 50mm in-house-developed dynamic driver on each side. The headphone delivers a powerful performance with high-resolution clarity and a rich tone.

Exquisite Handcrafted Wooden Housings

Sivga is known for its exquisite craftsmanship. They have designed the all-new Oriole with well-finished Rosewood ear housings. The wooden housings are processed by a five-axis CNC machining process. They have a glossy piano finish. Sivga has made its brand’s logo on the housings using laser engraving technology.

Solid-Robust Build Structure With Metal Parts

Accompanying the hand-crafted rosewood ear casings, Sivga has used metallic parts for the headband. These are crafted with high-precision technologies for an elegant look and solid build.

Professional Tuning Adjustments For A Smooth, Balanced Sound

Sivga has got years of expertise in designing and tuning premium wooden headphones. They have tuned the latest Oriole for a smooth, balanced, rich sound with a wide soundstage, good instrument separation, and high-resolution clarity. The Headphone has been tuned to deliver impressive performance for different genres of music.

Ergonomic & Lightweight

Sivga Oriole offers you a super comfortable listening experience with its ergonomic shape and lightweight build. The headphone has moderate clamping force that allows the listeners to wear the headphones for longer durations without feeling any fatigue. With their super soft Memory Foam Earpads and soft leather headband, the Oriole provides ultimate comfort to the listeners.

Awards & Reviews

Hi-Fi Choice - Recommended

"It’s a strong performance from such an affordable headphone, and the Oriole will be a good choice for any classical music fans on a budget."