Sivga SV021

Sivga 'Robin' SV021 over-ear closed-back headphones feature a fashionable styling and offers a most favorable price to performance ratio. With matte black or high-gloss finished rosewood ear cups, these premium grade headphones deliver an exceptionally lush sound with plenty of warmth.

Proprietary driver technology

The completely in-house developed 50mm dynamic driver is built with an extremely thin polycarbonate diaphragm with which these headphones provide a musical and most transparent listening experience in which different layers and elements in the music can be clearly distinguished. The 32 Ohms impedance allowing these headphones to perfectly match both portable Hi-Res music players and smartphones.

High comfort

Applying high-quality and lightweight materials, Sivga Robin's comfort is top-notch. The ergonomic headband is made of supple leather and is balanced in such a way that the soft, memory-foam leather ear cushions will fit perfectly around the ears and will cause fatigue during extended listening sessions.

Premium quality

SV021 headphones are built using the finest materials and the provided headphone cabling is no exception. The neatly finished cable has a 3.5mm jack plug and comes with a 6.3mm jack adapter which allows the headphones to be used at home with a Hi-Fi sound system. To store the headphones and accessories safely and dust free, the headphones come with a carrying bag made of environment friendly hemp.

Awards & Reviews 5 / 5 Stars

"Het merk Sivga of de het model SV021 zijn waarschijnlijk nog geen bekende namen – maar dat kan niet lang meer duren. Wij hebben alle hokjes kunnen afvinken. Prijs, prestatie, comfort, duurzaamheid, design; deze hoofdtelefoon is een perfecte en betaalbare stap om te beginnen met een audiofiele hobby of voor het creëren van meer luisterplezier. Zeker als je de Sivga SV021 combineert met een kleine dac voor optimale prestaties." Full Review 4.5 / 5 Stars

"The SV021 combined eye-catching design, a comfortable wearing experience, and outstanding sound quality. It is definitely a state-of-the-art headphones within a reasonable price tag under USD$200. Within this price range, I really can not find anything that is close to the SV021 in terms of physical appearance and sonic performance." Full Review - Bang for Buck Award - Best Closed Headphone 2021

"The SIVGA Robin SV021 is a 'can do it all' headphone that is worth its price for those who want great media/video call/gaming headphones." Full Review