Sennheiser SoundProtex

Get balanced sound with a wide frequency range so you can enjoy even the smallest details of the music, but at a safe noise level. The SoundProtex filters protect your ears by lowering the volume so you can listen longer in a safe way. Now you can go to concerts and festivals with peace of mind, without having to worry about your ears.

Keep your ears healthy and enjoy to the fullest

Some music is simply better live, but too much can be bad for your hearing.

Clear sound is essential to enjoy good music. But if you listen at too high a volume for too long, your hearing can be damaged and you hear fewer details less well. At concerts and festivals, fans are often exposed to too high a volume for too long, increasing the risk of hearing damage.

Earplugs have always been a good way to protect your hearing. But the usual foam or rubber earplugs have a major drawback: they make the music sound terrible. So we asked ourselves if why there wasn't a way that people could safely listen to great live music.

Enjoy great sound anywhere

You don't have to sacrifice good sound - or looking good - to protect your hearing.

Large, clunky earplugs made of foam or rubber attract attention. Plus, they block much more of the higher frequency range, while letting lower frequencies through. The result? A muffled sound with mostly bass. With SoundProtex, things are different. The patented technology in our elegant two-stage filters provides great, balanced sound.

To make this possible, we have used a tuned diaphragm and sound-absorbing mesh. The combination of these components evenly reduces the high and low frequencies. So you enjoy clean, balanced sound, without losing details about clarity. And perhaps even better: these tiny earbuds are almost unnoticeable when you wear them.

Balanced sound helps you hear your surroundings better

SoundProtex preserves the sonic detail you need to be aware of your surroundings.

While you need to protect your ears from excessively loud sounds, it is also important to remain aware of what is going on around you. For example, so you can hear what people are saying or hear an alarm. SoundProtex's balanced noise reduction ensures that the clarity of sound - and thus your environmental awareness - is maintained.

When we listen to people, our ears rely on details in the higher frequency range to distinguish words. Standard earbuds can block the higher frequencies too much. This makes it difficult to understand others. The two-stage SoundProtex filters provide sound that is optimally balanced with enough detail in the higher frequency range to easily follow conversations.

Mute the world around you

Use the fully muted filters when you want peace and quiet.

Sometimes silence is all you want to hear. If you want to block out as much sound as possible, use the included fully muted filters. These are ideal if you're traveling, or if you just want to relax or sleep in a noisy environment. They can even protect your ears from water if you take a dip in the hotel pool.

Reusable ear-friendly materials

SoundProtex earplugs are reusable and hypoallergenic.

When you wear something for hours, it's important that it's made of comfortable, hypoallergenic material. SoundProtex earplugs are made of soft, flexible medical-grade TPE material that won't irritate even extremely sensitive skin. In addition, they are free of plasticizers and other substances that can cause problems.

Plus, three different sizes of earbuds are included, so you'll always have the right fit. And after use, simply rinse the tips under running water or wipe them clean with a cloth. Store them in the included storage pouch and you're ready to listen to great, safe sound again or enjoy peace and quiet with the fully attenuating filter.