iFi Audio iEMatch4.4

The iFi iEMatch4.4 is specially developed for music enthusiasts using In-Ear Monitors. Because this type of headphones often has a higher sensitivity than over-ear models, it needs a much lower output volume to reach normal listening levels. This makes it sometimes rather difficult to adjust the sound to comfortable listening volume.

No more bit crunching

What many music enthusiasts are unaware of is when listening to music with a smartphone, laptop, in-flight audio systems and even with many DAP models on lower listening volumes, up to 2 bits of resolution is lost. This is because many devices use a digital volume control. A few bits don’t seem a lot, you notice this immediately by a significant loss of dynamics and a severe increase of background noise while listening to music or watching in-flight movies.


In order to listen to the music in a better sound quality, it is not uncommon that sound levels are boosted up considerably which will on the longer term increase the risk of hearing damage. To prevent this, iFi Audio has developed the iEMatch4.4. This iEMatch4.4 decreases the gain of any audio device it is connected with, enabling higher output volumes without affecting comfortable listening volume using sensitive or ultra-sensitive IEM’s.

Balanced 4.4mm

With the iEMatch4.4 you make use of the full audio resolution, is the noise threshold significantly lowered and enables you to listen to all of your playlists in a most dynamic sound quality. Thanks to 4.4 Balanced connection, you can use IEMs as well as music players with a balanced design. This iEMatch4.4 allows you to enjoy your favourite music in the best possible sound quality with virtually every audio source available.