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Sendy Audio Peacock

The Peacock is are latest headphones from Sendy Audio. After causing a sensation with the Aiva, the manufacturer now presents an even more comprehensive model that will convince even the most demanding listeners.

Sendy Audio has optimized the diaphragm with two years of developmental work to achieve an ideal compromise between stability and weight. They've managed to make them so thin and light that frequencies up to 40 kHz with high resilience and impulsivity are no problem for the Peacock.

Quad-Former technology is used for the Peacock. The magnetostatic driver consists of double magnets plus double coil sides on the diaphragm plus double coils on each side of the diaphragm. These four coils on either side of the diaphragm ensure that the diaphragm generates the same vibration with the same frequency everywhere. The double-sided magnet provides a uniform magnetic force in the field. The result is excellent magnetic energy conversion, good consistency and low distortion, ensuring excellent music reproducibility. This gives the feeling of listening to music as in a lively concert.

The housing itself is precision CNC machined and provides a vibration-free and optimal working environment for the diaphragm and coils. The gold-plated grill (24K) is a clever design element and gave the Peacock its name because it resembles a fanned peacock's tail. It is surrounded by a neatly sanded, varnished and polished wooden shell, which gives each peacock a special feel and look. The ear cushions guarantee a very good wearing comfort and are easily exchangeable.

An approx. 2 m long, very high-quality, twisted cable is supplied with the headphones. The headphone jack is designed with a 4.4mm Pentaconn plug, which can be converted to a 4-pin XLR or 6.35mm jack using the adapters supplied. This makes it possible to connect the Peacock to all high-quality headphone amplifiers.

Awards & Reviews

PF Brutus Award 2022

"If you love music, are in the market for a very special pair of audiophile headphones with a stellar combination of audio virtues, at this price, then do yourself a favor. You owe it to yourself to hear the Sendy Audio Peacock Headphones. I can pretty confidently say that I think you'll be delighted with the results.." Full Review

HiFi Pig Magazine - 5/5 Stars Review

"The highlights are the detail and depth of information these headphones bring to the party. This detail is apparent whether listening to the filthy grunge bass of Nirvana or to Neil Young thrashing the hell out of his steel string guitar on Cinnamon Girl." Full Review

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended - 4.5/5 Stars Review

"The high price of the Peacock obviously means that this is far from a casual purchase, and many people may prefer to wait until they can try the headphones for themselves in a showroom. But if your budget can stretch to £1,300 and you have a comfortable listening room, this luxurious offering is a satisfying and worthwhile investment"