Chord Electronics Hugo 2

Transportable DAC/Headphone Amplifier

The Chord Hugo 2 is a powerful DAC and headphone amplifier that builds on the Chord Hugo that was introduced in 2014. Like the groundbreaking original, the Hugo 2 can be used at home as a conventional audio streamer and on-the-go as a headphone amplifier. Operating the Hugo 2 is very simple. The DAC/headphone amplifier has only four spherical keys including power switch, input selection, digital filtering and unique crossfeed setting.

Highres audio

This Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amplifier features a digital optical, coaxial, USB audio and wireless Bluetooth input. Through USB-audio, the Hugo 2 can handle up to a maximum resolution of 32bits/768kHz PCM and up to DSD512. This Hugo 2 has both a 3.5mm and 6.35mm headphone output and a single-ended analog line output.


The digital filtering has four settings: neutral, neutral HF roll-off, warm and warmer HF roll-off. Crossfeed simulates a so-called speaker effect while listening through the headphones and is based on advanced binaural audio research. The playing time on a battery charge is about seven hours and can be recharged using the special Micro-USB port. A clever indicator shows the battery charging status.

Additional functionality with the Chord 2go

New from Chord Electronics is the Chord 2go module for the Hugo 2. With this Chord 2go you can quickly and easily add Ethernet, wireless streaming and microSD storage up to 4TB to the Chord Hugo 2. Simply click this 2go to the side of the Hugo 2 and experience the Chord Hugo 2 with even more functionality and ease of use.

Awards & Reviews

EISA award - Best Product - Smart Loudspeaker 2018-2019

"Chord’s original battery-powered DAC/headphone amplifier was a hard act to follow, but the new Hugo 2 is a giant leap forward. Inside its ultra-modern aluminium case is a custom-coded digital converter and filter that sounds like nothing else around."