Get a FREE balanced upgrade cable worth €149 with the purchase of an Advar. Make your choice of free cable via the bundle on this product page (2.5mm or 4.4mm). The 3.5mm cable is already included in the standard package!

Meze Audio Advar

Meze Audio Advar are beautifully designed in-ear monitors which feature a 10.2mm single dynamic driver. Thanks to the ultra-precise tuned driver, these headphones deliver a wide frequency span ranging from 10Hz up to 30kHz with which you will enjoy your playlists with a warm, velvety and beautifully detailed Meze signature sound.

High-quality design

These high-quality in-ear monitors offer an internal hematite design, a complex shape created by using Metal Injection Molding. The ergonomically designed stainless steel casings are finished with CNC precision and feature a robust high gloss black coating for a long lifespan. Thanks to the comfortable over-ear construction, you'll wear these headphones even during longer listening sessions without any fatigue or irritation.

Audiophile enjoyment

Due to the Sinuous Design, annoying background noise is attenuated, bringing music to the foreground. Thanks to the carefully selected Final Audio earplugs, the middle ear is perfectly enclosed so that the low frequency response is perfect and any sharp edges in the music are effectively reduced. With each listening session, these audiophile Meze Audio Advar IEMs wil continuously reveal hidden layers in music, making them valuable gems for the eye and ear.