Lotoo PAW S2

The Lotoo PAW S2 is a compact lightweight portable headphone amplifier with a built-in USB DAC and is suitable for use with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Compared to the S1, the PAW S2 features improved DAC and amplifier circuitry. In addition, the PAW S2 is equipped with techniques derived from Lotoo premium audio players with which this all-new S2 even surpasses the sound quality its S1 predecessor. Use this PAW S2 with your phone, tablet or laptop and experience music in a sound quality that previously seemed impossible in this price range.

With its low/high gain settings, this headphone amplifier is suitable for use with a wide range of headphones. With 125mW per channel (balanced: 150mW) the output performance is raised considerably. For easy connection a short USB Type C to Type C cable with a USB Type C to A adapter is included from the factory.


The headphone amplifier features a modest OLED display that shows resolution, volume, gain setting and the chosen preset in the blink of an eye. The AKM DAC used has a maximum resolution of 32bit and 384KHz in PCM, native DSD up to DSD128 and supports 4x MQA. The most unique feature of this Lotoo headphone amplifier is the 4.4mm Pentaconn jack that allows headphones with balanced cabling. This Lotoo PAW S2 and the previous S1 model are is the only headphone amplifier with this valuable feature in its class.

Adjustable to your taste

The unit is fitted with three side-buttons. A function button allows you to easily adjust the settings and two buttons are for volume control. Depending the type of use you can easily choose a matching preset or sound settings. If you are a music purist, you can also switch all presets or tone control off.

Sound Quality

Like its S1 predecessor, this Lotoo S2 headphone amplifier offers a great sound quality. The soundstage is wide, deep and spacious. Due to the low noise and low distortion, this S2 reveals plenty of detail in music. Use the PAW S2 with your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet and game console. This Lotoo PAW S2 lifts your multimedia experience to a whole new level.

As portable USB-DAC, this PAW S2 delivers outstanding sound quality. The total harmonic distortion (TDH+N) is -109dB (0.0003%) and the noise threshold is -121dB (balanced: -119dB). As a USB DAC, the S2 provides just a fraction more in 'presence' than its classmates and due to the higher gain, the volume never needs to be turned up too much.