Marantz MODEL 40n

Marantz Model 40n is a high-performance integrated stereo amplifier featuring HEOS multiroom streaming technology. With this beautiful designed stereo amplifier, all wishes of the most demanding music enthusiast are granted. This Hi-Fi amplifier offers a stunning power delivery of 2x 100 Watt RMS at 4 Ohms which will allow almost every brand and type of Hi-Fi speaker to perform as promised. Thanks to the implementation of Marantz' renowned HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Audio Modules), this amplifier delivers an incredible sound quality.

Analogue and digital perfection

This amplifier has a built-in phono stage to which you can connect a modern or vintage record player that is equipped with an MM or high-output MC cartridge. Besides phono, the amplifier is fitted with several analog line inputs to which you can connect all your analog sound sources, including a cassette/tape recorder. Digitally, the amplifier has an optical and coaxial S/PDIF input to hook-up your game console, a USB port for streaming music from PC or laptop and HDMI-ARC to connect your television set. With these features, this Model 40n acts as a full-fledged multimedia hub.

Multiroom High-res streaming

Finally, the amplifier features HEOS multiroom streaming. With this easy-to-use streaming platform you'll integrate this amplifier effortlessly into any HEOS environment. Effortlessly browse through the many tens of thousands of free Internet radio stations and gain direct access to the infinite online music libraries by Spotify, Tidal and, amongst others, Qobuz. Do you own a large digital music collection on NAS or music server? Model 40n streams music through AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and DLNA in a maximum resolution of 32bit/192kHz in PCM and DSD up to 5.6x. With this Marantz Model 40n you'll enjoy all your music to the max.

Awards & Reviews

EISA Award for Best Hi-Fi 2022-2023

“Marantz’s rich history contains many landmark amplifiers, and the Model 40n ties perfectly into that heritage. Yes, it’s gorgeous to look at in either black or silver gold finish, but more appealing still is how it fuses the brand’s performance-first ethos with a dizzying range of features. Stream digital music via the HEOS platform, connect a turntable to the MM phono input, or lace up a TV through HDMI ARC – the Model 40n is equally at home playing your analogue or digital music collection as taking TV and movie entertainment to new heights. Anyone seeking a modern, do-it-all integrated amplifier with superb sound will find it here.”