Legamaster AirServer Connect 3

  • AirServer Connect 3 is the most stable and easy to use professional mirroring and casting
    device in the market
  • Only one USB-C cable is needed to connect the AirServer Connect 3 to a screen. Power,
    audio, video, touchsignals, ethernet and connected camera's are all managed through
    AirServer Connect 3's USB-C connection
  • Mounting the Connect 3 is easier then ever. The magnetic mount allows users to place the
    Connect 3 immediately at displays, mounting solutions and other metallic surfaces
  • Connect 3 uses state of the art components, now allowing 12 simultanious stream and
    featuring a commercial grade Wi-Fi 6 accespoint making it the most stable and most
    powerful solution in the market
  • AirServer Connect 3 is fully future proof, supporting AirPlay 2 and being Bring Your Own
    Meeting prepared