Philips 65BDL3550Q

Inform and enchant everyone with a professional Full HD display from the Philips Q line. This reliable solution can be set up quickly.

Operate, observe, maintain with CMND & Control

Manage your display network through a local connection (LAN). With CMND & Control, you can access important functions such as controlling inputs and monitoring screen statuses. Whether you have one screen connected, or 100.

FailOver ensures content is always playing

From waiting room to conference room, never show a blank screen. FailOver allows your Philips Professional Display to automatically switch between primary and secondary inputs, ensuring that content is always playing, even if the primary source goes out. Set up a list of alternate inputs to ensure you always remain visible.

CMND & Create. Create and publish your own content

Take full control of your content with CMND & Create. Using the drag-and-drop interface, you can easily publish your own content - be it a daily menu board or brand information. Pre-installed templates and integrated widgets get your photos, text and video up in no time.

Integrated media player. Easily schedule USB content

Easily schedule content playback from USB. Your Philips Professional Display wakes up from standby mode to play the desired content, and automatically switches back to standby when playback is complete.

Android SoC processor. (Web) Apps

Control your display via an internet connection. Philips Professional Displays with Android control are optimized for native Android apps. You can also install web applications directly on the display. The new Android 8 operating system ensures the software stays safe and up-to-date for longer.

Connect to and manage your content via the cloud

Connect to and manage your content via the cloud with the integrated HTML5 browser. Use the Chrome-based browser to design your signage content online and connect to a single screen or to your entire network. Display content in both landscape and portrait modes, with Full HD resolution. Easily connect the screen to the Internet via Wi-Fi or with an RJ45 cable, and enjoy your self-created playlists.