The RA280 is an integrated amplifier that inherits the innovative technologies used in RA180. Enjoy pure natural sound as close to the original sound as you can get with the RA280: a near-perfect sound that transcends the boundaries between digital and analog technologies with excellent linearity achieved through strong power damping and short dead time. The RA280 offers a special listening experience that lets you feel the true essence of music.

Form follows Sound

The design of the RA280 is differentiated by its inner purity. ROSE pursues a pure natural sound that is reflected in all parts, based on our design philosophy of externalizing the internal parts. The RA280 provides high quality in terms of overall solid finish and functionality, while at the same time achieving harmony between the interior and exterior through a design that focuses on acoustic aspects. The sturdy aluminum chassis at the top, matte finish, and elaborate arrangement of grooves satisfy both functionality and progressive exterior design. Additionally, the front buttons and control panel embody vintage elegance and sophistication. The RA280 will make your space even more classy by adding the pure beauty of a perfectly blended interior and exterior design.