HiFi ROSE RA180 is a high-quality Hi-Fi amplifier that combines modern technology with exuberant retro styling and a touch of steam punk. With this look, the amplifier offers a wonderful contrast to the minimalist-looking network players with which HiFi ROSE has conquered the audio market.

Analogue enjoyment

This purely analogue amplifier offers a pair of balanced XLR inputs and three pair single-ended stereo RCA line inputs. If you use this amplifier in a home cinema setup, you can connect the cinema processor to the Bypass input. Vinyl lovers aren’t forgotten either. The RA180 features an integrated MM/MC RIAA phono preamplifier. Using the low-band bass turnover and the high-band roll-off you can restore the sound of (vintage) vinyl to your specific taste. With the integrated tone control you can adjust the tonal balance of the sound. Do you like to connect a subwoofer for an even deeper low-end bass? The RA180 also offers a subwoofer output. Purists can turn off the entire tone control with the simple push of a button, reducing colouration and distortion to an absolute minimum.

Class AD amplification

The RA180 is equipped with four powerful Class AD mono amplifiers that each deliver an output power of 200 watts at 8 Ohms per channel. HiFi Rose implemented a hybrid amplification technique that combines the sound quality of Class AB amplification with Class D efficiency. In the amplification and in the powerful switched power supply, super-fast Gallium Nitride FETs and oversized semiconductors are used, with which the amplifier produces a silky smooth and most natural ultrahigh bandwidth sound, delivering a magical spacious soundstage.

Bi-amping is standard

Loudspeakers with separate terminals for the high and low frequencies can be driven in Bi-Amp configuration. An amplification method referred by many audiophiles refer as the ultimate type of amplification. The active crossover allows you to manually set the crossover frequency for midrange and tweeter. If this all is a bit too much for your taste, you easily create a traditional two-channel configuration with which you can enjoy power reserves up to 2x 400 Watts at 8 Ohms.

HiFi ROSE RA180 comes with a convenient remote control to control the motorized analogue volume control. Do you prefer to use your smartphone? With the RoseAmpConnect app you can easily control the RA180 with your smartphone.