Focal Vestia N°4 (per pair)

The Vestia N°4 Hi-Fi loudspeaker wears its heart on its sleeve. This latest product in the range is a 3-way floorstanding model that goes back to the source of the sound. Its 8.25” (21cm) woofers effortlessly deliver an exceptionally deep and powerful bass. The TAM tweeter offers a rare level of finesse and impressive precision in the treble, for fatigue-free listening over extended periods of time. The midrange with Slatefiber cone brings refinement and neutrality. Vestia N°4 is installed in rooms measuring at least 269 sq. ft. (25m²) and is the perfect choice for music enthusiasts seeking high performance.

Key points

  • Speaker driver with Slatefiber recycled carbon fibre cone, made in France by Focal
  • Exclusive TAM tweeter
  • Leather effect front panel