Grado Labs Hemp Headphone

At the American Grado Labs, the engineers are always looking for new insights, techniques and materials to make their headphones perform even better. The best sounding experiments are sometimes even produced in a limited edition, like this Grado Hemp. According to Grado, this open-back headphones are one of the best sounding Limited Edition headphones the company has ever produced.

Unknown qualities of hemp

Once Grado got the opportunity to experiment with Hemp, the engineers did not miss-out on this opportunity. And why should they, the exterior properties look beautiful. Moreover, the great advantage of high-pressure compressed hemp fibers provides an excellent damping effect. In order to create the best possible sound experience, the engineers covered the inside of the hemp ear-cups with maple.

In every aspect a real Grado

This Grado Hemp is as Grado as a Grado headphone can be. In addition to the unique ear cups, this limited-edition headphone features premium headphone cabling and high-quality, specially tuned drivers. The drivers have a 'de-stressed' diaphragm and deliver a wide frequency range from 13Hz up to 28kHz. The impedance of the dynamic drivers is 38 Ohm, the sensitivity is 98 dB at 1mW and the tolerance between both drivers is just 0.05dB!

Hemphone, a joint effort

The development of Limited-Edition headphones is teamwork and all Grado employees are involved in the process. The result are unique headphones that instantly became the company’s sweetheart while moving from employee to employee. The sound can be characterized as warm and full-bodied with an excellent midrange definition and an ultra-smooth top end. With this Grado Hemp any real music enthusiast will quickly elevate to a higher state of mind.