Final ZE3000

Final ZE3000, a new classic audiophile-grade earbuds designed into wireless. Featuring newly developed ultra-low distortion driver “f-Core for Wireless” and proprietary acoustic chamber design “f-LINK damping system” that makes every bit of music immensely enjoyable. High quality “SHIBO” surface finish is available on the ZE3000 in black or white.

Adhesive-less Injection Molded Diaphragm

Surround is directly attached to the center with injection molding method.Tremendously light and precise diaphragm for exceptional accuracy and clarity

Special Silicone Surround

The material of the surround has been upgraded to a new type of silicone compound which is soft and exceptionally elastic. With the new type of silicone compound, the diaphragm could move in a more accurate pistonic motion which again reduce the distortion.

CCAW Voice Coil

To improve the performance of the f-Core for Wireless further, instead of a normal Copper voice coil, ZE3000 features a CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire) voice coil.

f-LINK Damping System

f-LINK Damping System help to regulate the air pressure change inside the enclosed housing. Its brings IPX4 water resistance and achieve natural sound simultaneously.