Final A3000

Relaxing Natural Sound

final A3000 is designed as an upgrade for the well known final E3000. Combining new research results and a brand new driver unit, final A3000 promises astonishingly natural sound while revealing every detail of the music in the most pleasant way.

f-Core DU Dynamic Driver

Featuring newly designed driver f-Core DU with every single part such as the diaphragm, voice coil, magnet, magnetic circuit, adhesives are designed to deliver the maximum potential and precisely manufactured with the latest technologies.

Cable Detachable 2-Pin Solution

The in-house developed 2-Pin connector is fabricated with high precision. The plug employs the highest versatility φ0.78 standard. The cable employs soft, supple coating material for maximum flexibility and durability.

Award Winning final TYPE-E Ear Tips

5 different sizes included. final TYPE-E ear tips employ harder silicone for the core and softer silicone for the flange that comes into contact with the ear canal. Combining groove processing to the core, the flexible ear tips fit perfectly to any ear with maximum comfort and sound insulation.

Ear Hooks with Lock Mechanism

Effective in eliminating touch noise. The soft and flexible characteristic provides extreme comfortability. Its flexibility also contributes as an extra strain relief to protect the cable and 2-Pin connector from being damaged from the accidental pull.

final Proprietary Silicone Case

By having the final A3000 gently rolled up and stored in this stylishly designed silicon carry case, your music follows wherever you go. The thin dome-shaped silicon covers ensure the earphones being well secured on travel.