FiiO FW5

The FW5 combines several of FiiO's cutting-edge technologies into a fully integrated, high-fidelity wireless solution. It is one of the first TWS headphones to integrate a high-end Bluetooth chip, a high-performance DAC and a carefully designed audio circuit to deliver a major leap in quality across the board. Let the FW5 show you what new high-fidelity TWS earphones are really capable of.

Independent AK4332 DAC

FW5 contains an efficient AKM VELVET SOUND DAC – the AK4332 which features high-performance decoding abilities. This chip is capable of signal-to-noise ratio up to 106dB, distortion as low as -96dB, and dynamic range up to 102dB

QCC5141 Bluetooth 5.2 chip

FW5 employs the high-end Qualcomm QCC5141 that supports Bluetooth 5.2 for stable and high-performance Bluetooth audio thanks to the chip’s dual DSP and dual-core architecture. Additionally, the FW5 is Snapdragon Sound certified as a testament to its highly capable audio abilities.

1 Dynamic, 2 BA drivers per ear

Fited a large 10mm dynamic driver that handles the low and mid-range frequencies, while higher frequencies are reproduced by 2 Knowles BA drivers. These drivers work together to give powerful yet textured bass while reproducing every last detail in the treble.

10mm large dynamic driver

The driver has been designed specifically to maximize the sound quality from its N50 neodymium magnets. These N50 magnets, with their high magnetic density, allow for better dynamics and make the sound stage more grand for a thoroughly bold sound.

DLC diaphragm with PU gasket

The diaphragm of the dynamic driver is made of DLC, which features favorable properties such as high rigidity and light weight which allow for less unwanted breakup over the dynamic driver. This leads to reduced non-linear distortion and ultimately better resolution.

High-Res LHDC/aptX Adaptive

Not only Snapdragon Sound certification but also support for LHDC/aptX Adaptive for the ultimate quality in true wireless audio. This support ensures both a massive upgrade in the sending and receiving of high-quality wireless audio and a major improvement in compatibility with various devices.

Independent volume control

There are 32 volume levels, allowing for a more precise adjustment.

4 physical buttons

The product is equipped with four physical buttons to control play and pause of the current track, which makes the operation more convenient and easier to use.

IPX4 water resistance

A 0.02mm water-resistant film is placed in the gap between the buttons and the shell to prevent water from getting in.

21+ hours battery life

With its large built-in 65mAh battery, the FW5 can be used for up to 7 hours on a single charge. The 380mAh charging case allows for total battery life of more than 21 hours.