FiiO FT3 (32 Ohm)

Since the over-ear headphones FT3 has been introduced to the market, it is highly acclaimed by consumers. Every time it shows up at exhibitions at home and abroad, FIIO receives a lot of positive feedback about it. However, FIIO also heard some different needs, saying that they are eager for a lower-impedance version. Here it is.

To create a large 60mm dynamic driver that is also easy to drive with a low 32Ω resistance, the FIIO development team had to look beyond conventional materials to make the diaphragm. After much R&D and testing, the development team decided to equip the FT3 with an LCP aluminum-plated + aluminum metal composite diaphragm that not only makes the FT3 32Ω version easy to drive, but crucially allows it to retain high-quality sound.

In order to let more users experience the charm of the FT3’s high-end sound, FIIO has created a new 32Ω version. With lower amping requirements, users can more easily experience the FT3’s high-quality sound anytime, anywhere.

The new FT3 32Ω version comes with a 1.5m long, 23AWG thick in diameter cable made up of 392 silver-plated monocrystalline copper wires. The high quality wires contribute to a detailed and solid sound, fully letting you appreciate lossless music.