Dali Wireless Subwoofer Receiver (WSR)

The WSR (Wireless Subwoofer Receiver) expansion module for the DALI SOUND HUB adds wireless connectivity to your active subwoofer for seamless integration into any DALI EQUI stereo or surround sound setup.

Step 1 - Plug In

Switch off the subwoofer before connecting the WSR. Use the supplied RCA Phono cable to connect the WSR to the LFE input of the subwoofer (if no LFE input, check manual).

Step 2 - Power On

Connect the WSR power supply to a mains socket, then connect it to the WSR – the WSR will switch on immediately. Switch on the subwoofer and turn the volume to around 25%, if possible.

Step 3 - Connect

Ensure your SOUND HUB (COMPACT) is ON. Press the LINK & CONNECT (L&C) button on its rear panel. Now do the same on the WSR. Finish by pressing the L&C button on the SOUND HUB.

Step 4 - Adjust & Enjoy

To enjoy the best possible results, we recommend setting the subwoofer volume and high-pass filter controls appropriately (as described in the SUB manual).