Dali Sound Hub Compact

The Dali Sound Hub Compact is a most compact 'preamplifier' with built-in DAC and wireless streaming functionality. This Hub is intended to control Dali Callisto C, Oberon C and Rubicon C wireless speakers. Despite its compact size, you can simply connect your analogue and digital sources to this Dali Sound Hub Compact. The Sound Hub Compact is also fitted with a Bluetooth and Chromecast interface.

A compression-free 24bits / 96kHz high resolution I2S audio signal is transmitted from Sound Hub to the Dali C-series loudspeakers through a 30-bit wireless transmission over the 5.2GHz or 5.8GHz frequency band. The maximum wireless distance between the Hub and the loudspeakers is approximately 10 meters. This is more than sufficient for most in-house conditions.


This Sound Hub Compact is designed with a low profile, enabling out of sight placement behind e.g. a wall-mounted television or somewhere on a bookshelf. This Hub has an analogue line input, two digital Toslink inputs and an HDMI input. If you want a deeper and more powerful bass, the subwoofer connector allows you to simply add a Dali of most third-party subwoofers to your Dali sound system.


This Dali Sound Hub Compact is derived from the well-known original Dali Sound Hub. To control this user-friendly Hub, you don't even need a remote control. Dali has built in a smart source detection that automatically switches to the operated audio source. When you connect your television set to the second Toslink input, the Hub automatically wakes-up when you switch-on the tv. If you want to control the Sound Hub Compact from your comfortable listening chair, you can use the remote control that conveniently comes with the Hub itself.