Dali Oberon Vokal C

The active OBERON VOKAL C is designed with TV audio in mind. Its compact size integrates easily into any room and has the audio performance of a much larger speaker. Part of the DALI EQUI range of wireless active speakers and amplifiers.

Low Latency

The SOUND HUB COMPACT uses a proprietary 30-bit wireless protocol to transmit to OBERON C with a typical latency of less than 15 ms.

Patented SMC

The woofer magnet's iron pole-piece includes a patented SMC disc that greatly reduces mechanical distortion for a relaxed midrange and lots of detail.

Active Speaker

Each driver is powered by a dynamic, closed-loop, 50 Watt peak, Class D power amplifier for exceptional sound quality.

Centre Channel

The driver materials, crossover design and geometry were selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern. This ensures a well-integrated sound, even off-axis.