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New Nova and SupaNova power cables from iFi Audio

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New Nova and SupaNova power cables from iFi Audio

The Nova and SupaNova power cables are a new addition to iFi's SilentPower range and are designed for those looking for the best possible power supply for high end Hi-Fi sets. These power cables from iFi Audio offer optimal protection against RFI and EMI. In addition, these power cables eliminate interference due to poorly designed power supplies.

iFi SupaNova

The SupaNova has a geometrically balanced construction, making it the ultimate power cable for high-end audio systems. Compared to the Nova, the SupaNova is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation2 technology and thus actively eliminates mains distortion from zero, phase and ground over the entire frequency range. The SupaNova features iFi's Ground Zero Design which consists of a non-twisted earth wire surrounded by a perfectly shielded neutral and phase in a double helix design.

iFi Nova

The iFi Nova is the perfect power cable for those who want to make a first start to banish negative influences of the mains from the audio chain. The Nova has a geometrically balanced construction and is designed for audiophile music enthusiasts. The Nova incorporates design elements of the SupaNova and also offers iFi's Ground Zero Design. Combined with the shotgun ground, non-twisting and constant impedance, the cable achieves a maximum protection against EMI and has no adverse effects from inductance.

High-quality construction

The cables are constructed from pure copper and together with the robust connectors with gold-plated copper contacts, these cables offer optimal current conductivity. The cable is insulated with a high-quality moisture-resistant thermoplastic polymer matrix, which complies with the strict ROHS standard.

Thanks to the fully symmetrical and balanced geometrical design with double helix circular conductors, low inductance, low capacitance and extremely constant impedance are achieved. Regardless of whether the cable is laid straight or bent. All this results in a most dynamic sound and a greatly reduced system noise.

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