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From discomfort to convenience with roombooking.

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From discomfort to convenience with roombooking.

In recent years, we have witnessed rapid changes in where we work and how we interact with each other. The traditional full-time office life is a thing of the past; we are now embracing a hybrid model where our work location is based on our activities. The office has, for many of us, become primarily a 'social hub,' a place where we come together and collaborate.

This shift imposes new requirements on office spaces: personal workspaces are decreasing, while the need for collaboration spaces is increasing. Spontaneous, ad-hoc meetings are becoming more of the norm, and the demand for various types of collaboration spaces is growing.

In this dynamic world of modern workplaces, the LoopMeeting Room Panel emerges as a beacon of innovation. This smart solution is designed to seamlessly adapt to the changing demands of our work environment, with intuitive features that make the management and use of meeting rooms easier than ever before.

We all know the inconvenience of entering a meeting room only to discover that it is already occupied. It often takes a lot of time to find the right space, and when you finally settle into a room, it turns out to be already in use. With Roombooking, this inconvenience is definitively a thing of the past.

With a simple glance at the screen, you can instantly see if the meeting room is available. Red indicates that the room is occupied, green means it is free, orange signifies almost occupied or almost free. On the screen, all crucial information and statuses are displayed in an organized manner, allowing you to know where you stand at a glance.

Curious about what roombooking can mean for your company? Visit our Experience Center and experience it for yourself!

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