AudioQuest Jitterbug FMJ

The Audioquest JitterBug FMJ is a smart upgrade for music enthusiasts that like to stream music with a smartphone or laptop to a USB-DAC or stream highres sound over the home network. Regardless the way of streaming, simply include the JitterBug FMJ in the USB chain or plug it into a free USB port on your NAS, router or hi-fi component and be amazed about the instantly improved sound quality.

Effectively filtered

The JitterBug Full Metal Jacket is a bi-directional USB filter that ensures that the USB power lines are decoupled and stripped of any high-frequency pollution so they can not adversely affect the digital signals. Thanks to the all-metal housing, EMI and RFI do not affect the digital signal. This means that jitter really doesn't stand a chance. You'll especially notice it in an increase ease of listening, more openness and better dynamics.

Best audio tweak ever

If you're looking for a simple upgrade with maximum 'bang for the buck', then this JitterBug FMJ by Audioquest is a 'must have' device. The Jitterbug works with all Streamer/DAC combinations and in most situations a significant improvement in sound quality is noticeable. The Jitterbug is fully plug-n-play, works with every USB-A port and doesn't need special drivers to do its job. With Audioquest, you really squeeze all the sound quality out of your favorite music album.