Audeze LCD-XC (2021 - Carbon - Creator Package)

This LCD-XC Creator Edition comes with the standard single-ended cable and the new Economy Travel Case.

These Audeze LCD-XC planar headphones share the same construction as the much-acclaimed Audeze LCD-X over-ear open-back headphones. Despite the many similarities, het LCD-XC features a closed-back design. These all-new LCD-XC headphones also are fitted with the same ultra-sensitive 106mm Planar Magnetic drivers and powerful Neodymium magnets as the LCD-X. This allows these headphones to deliver a beautiful homogenous and phase-correct sound quality while maintaining the all-important transient information in music.

Sound quality

During the development of its new headphones, Audeze always searches for an optimal balance between the output power of the (headphone) amplifier, driver impedance and the sensitivity of the Planar Magnetic drivers. Because of this perfect found balance, this Audeze LCD-XC presents itself with a powerful, deep and well-defined bass response. The soundstage is spacious, transparent and reveals loads of micro detail.

Comfortable experience

Due to the design, use of premium materials and a modest weight of 760 grams the wearing comfort is excellent. This makes these headphones suitable for both professionals and audiophile music enthusiasts that want to enjoy music for longer listening sessions without missing out on anything in the music. Due to the closed earcup design you will experience even less distraction from ambient noise, so you will enjoy music even more intensely. With this Audeze LCD-XC, you don't just listen to music, you experience it.