Audeze LCD-X

Includes the braided OCC copper 4-pin XLR combo cable with single-ended 1/4" adapter and standard LCD travel case

These Audeze LCD-X planar headphones are derived from the original and worldwide acclaimed Audeze LCD-2. In the new LCD-X over-ear open-back headphones, Audeze applies its ultra-sensitive 106mm Planar Magnetic drivers and powerful Neodymium magnets. Herewith these headphones deliver a beautiful homogenous and phase-correct sound quality while maintaining a maximum of important transient information in the music. This Audeze LCD-X can even effortlessly compete with the most well-performing audiophile hi-fi speakers around.

Sound quality

During the development of new headphones, Audeze always looks for an optimal balance between the output power of the (headphone) amplifier, driver impedance and the sensitivity of the Planar Magnetic drivers. Due to the perfect found balance, this Audeze LCD-X distinguishes itself with an extremely detailed music reproduction and a deep continuous layer. The sound image is wide, deep and wonderfully transparent. Vocals in particular are rendered almost lifelike with this LCD-X.

Experience and comfort

Due to the design, premium materials and a modest weight of just 635 grams are contributing to a very comfortable wear. This makes these headphones suitable for both professionals and audiophile music lovers who want to enjoy music for a long time without missing any subtle nuances in the music. With this Audeze LCD-X you do not listen to just music; listening to music becomes a memorable experience.