Yamaha True X-Bar 40A (SR-X40A)

The entire system of True X bars and True X speakers, forming one powerful combination, creates amazing surround sound that transforms your listening environment at the touch of a button. This is the unique wireless surround technology True X Surround.

Immersive and flexible surround sound

If you think you knew what a home theater was, you're wrong. Enjoy your favorite movies and music with the freedom of easy placement. You connect the True X bars wirelessly to the surround True X speakers, which you can place anywhere in your room. Give your sound freedom.

Ultimate portability

Portable. Flexible. Rechargeable. The True X speakers also work as portable Bluetooth® speakers. Press the Solo button and take your music anywhere.

Music is life

With True X, you take your entertainment everywhere you go. And the more often you use True X, the more it becomes a part of your daily life. Create the soundtrack of your life.

Yamaha True Sound with Dolby Atmos®

Enter a fantastic new sound world where our unique True Sound meets Dolby Atmos®- creating a breathtaking 3D ultramodern sound space.

Amazingly wide sound field

The sound created by the wall-mounted speakers is stunning and beyond your imagination. Our sound engineer has carefully selected these speakers and they produce a 3D sound field to create unparalleled spatial depth.

Room-filling bass

In addition to powerful high-volume bass, this unit also has a striking power of expression. With an overwhelming sense of realism that makes even your floor vibrate, the unit transforms your room into a sound universe where it feels like you're in the middle of the action.

The optimal representation of true sound

The True X-bar 40A is designed for sound optimization. From the rear chamber to the uniquely designed bass reflex port to the material, everything has been chosen for its ability to reproduce delicate nuances of sound.

Connect to the world

Discover new music with compatible streaming services on the dedicated smartphone app and enjoy a wealth of entertainment in your living room.

Responds to your voice

You don't need a remote or even an app. Volume, input and music just go through voice control.

Control linked to your TV

Thanks to HDMI-CEC and eARC compatibility, you connect it to your TV with one cable and control basic functions on the True-X bar with your TV remote. Power on/off and volume are automatically linked for even more convenience.

Clear voice

Having trouble following dialogue on TV? Our Clear Voice technology makes voices more audible, whether it's YouTube videos, movies or series. You'll hear every word, especially if there's background music or sound effects as well.

Four sound modes

Four different sound modes let you tailor the sound to the type of entertainment and your mood. Stereo mode is ideal for music and podcasts, and standard mode is perfect for TV shows. Game mode immerses you in the action, and movie mode creates an immersive cinematic experience.

Bass extension

The SR-X40A has a built-in 75mm (3") subwoofer unit. In addition, Bass Extension enhances every bass signal and provides rich and powerful sound.


  • True X Surround (separately sold True X speakers require True X Surround content playback).
  • Dolby Atmos®
  • Alexa built-in
  • Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2 and Tidal Connect
  • HDMI eARC(out), HDMI in, Bluetooth®, and optical connectivity
  • Clear Voice for more intelligible dialog
  • Bass Extension for improved bass response
  • Built-in subwoofer for realistic and full bass sound
  • Remote control and Sound Bar Controller app give you easy and clear access to your soundbar

Awards & Reviews

EISA Award Best Soundbar System 2023-2024

"A home theatre system of impressive flexibility, Yamaha’s True X combines the SR-X40A soundbar, SW-X100A subwoofer and WS-X1A surround speakers, all connecting to each other wirelessly for a slick, authentic 3D audio experience. Whether crafting immersive soundscapes from Atmos movie soundtracks or games, or playing music, the performance always captivates with its energy, detail and precise soundstaging. The fabric-wrapped enclosures are on-trend, as is the system’s provision of control via remote, app, or voice through its in-built Alexa microphone. And there’s another trick up this system’s sleeve – both rears can operate in solo mode as fully portable (and waterproof) Bluetooth speakers. For Yamaha, X really does mark the spot."